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Preventative maintenance offers peace of mind 

To keep your HVAC system running at peak performance and to prevent frustrating and pricey breakdowns at the most inconvenient time, preventative maintenance is vital.

Choose Suntech Heat and Air for regular maintenance

  • Trained experts at your service – A competent, 训练有素的, dependable staff of experts looks after and “worries” about your equipment and its performance. We “worry” so you don’t! We work with you to schedule your service calls when convenient.
  • Lower operating costs – The results of several studies show how service maintenance programs can save a significant amount on your monthly cooling and heating bills, and extend system life expectancy.
  • Preferred treatment – A Preventative Maintenance Agreement increases system reliability, but should you need service, the agreement entitles you to preferential scheduling treatment.
  • Service you can trust – 新博集团 skilled experts know their business, and your equipment. Rely on them and our reputation to give you courteous, dependable, fast, and fair service.
  • Extra value and discounts – Receive standard filters. Receive a 10% early renewal discount and, a 15% discount on service repairs, all year long. See agreement for details.
  • Price Protection – Your agreement price cannot be raised during the effective period.

Regular maintenance prevents nasty surprises

We recommend that you schedule maintenance service twice a year. It offers you peace of mind and keeps your system running longer. Automatic, periodic inspection, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and safety testing of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble. During our maintenance service calls, we always provide a complete checklist.

新博集团 Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes:

14 Point Cooling Service (Spring)

  1. Install gauges & check operating pressure.
  2. 清洁 condenser coil.
  3. 检查 visually for refrigerant leaks.
  4. 检查 and tighten electrical connections.
  5. 检查 compressor contractor.
  6. 检查 voltage & amperage of condenser motors.
  7. 检查 reversing valve, if applicable.
  8. 检查 & adjust fan belt tension.
  9. Lubricate condenser motor bearings as needed.
  10. 检查 and adjust thermostat.
  11. Change or clean air filters.
  12. 检查 for proper airflow in all areas.
  13. 检查 that condensate drain is open.
  14. 检查 for proper air temperature drop.

15 Point 加热 Service (Fall)

  1. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and soot.
  2. 检查 flue pipe and be sure of adequate draft.
  3. 检查 and clean burners as necessary.
  4. 检查 pilot & electronic ignition systems.
  5. Adjust burner flame for optimum efficiency.
  6. 检查 for gas leaks in furnace.
  7. 检查 fan controls.
  8. 清洁 & check blower assembly.
  9. 检查 and adjust thermostat.
  10. 清洁 or change air filters.
  11. 检查 defrost control if applicable.
  12. 检查 & adjust fan belt tension.
  13. 检查 limits & safety controls for proper operation.
  14. Do carbon monoxide test.
  15. 检查 for proper air temp rise.

Let our Preventative Maintenance Agreement provide peace of mind all year long.

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